My Wattpad experience so far

Today I’ve reached 1K reads for The Moonlight Boy on Wattpad. I started to post on Wattpad four months ago and I still can’t tell if this is a good figure. But somehow everyone seems to see the 1K reads as the next level as if the story was not taken very seriously up until now 🙂

Anyway, what I really appreciate about Wattpad is the constant support I found on this community. Does publishing Wattpad mean my sales on my self-published story are going to explode?  Not really. At least I haven’t seen any change in my sales. But I do appreciate the support of some of my readers, their anxiousness for the next chapter and their instant feedback.  The interaction and Q&A sessions, their hunt for clues and trying to find out what is going to happen next are my measure systems that show my story is on the right path. So as far as creating a reader base, Wattpad is a wonderful tool.

Will publishing on Wattpad bring me a book deal? (for that seems to be any writer’s dream:))) I can’t tell. I’ve seen stories with millions of reads which didn’t lead to any book deals, and I’ve seen story with a lot less which were spotted by editors. I don’t seem to understand the parameters. But I do know that publishing on Wattpad will motivate me to keep writing. And that’s pretty much a writer should do 🙂


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