Sneak peek of Beyond (Book two of Whispered Tales)

Yay! My second story of Whispered Tales collection is almost ready to be published. Have a sneak peek!


The room was waiting for her, silent and alluring. The nightstand lamp flickered as she sat down in front of the mirror and started combing her long, brown hair with slow strokes. Soon enough she would throw herself in the arms of that good night’s sleep that was now waiting for her in the cool bed. The girl’s eyes with heavy eyelids, however, had noticed something different about the face in the mirror. It was her face, alright, but just for a moment, her own eyes gave her a strange look, almost wicked. Even her mouth made a grimace of a smile that wasn’t hers. And she was positive she had never in her life grinned as ghoulishly, with the corners of her mouth pulled down, showing her pearly teeth, like a stepmother that had something in store for her stepdaughter.

‘I’m too tired,’ she thought, and quickly took refuge under the bedcovers where she felt safe. She touched the amulet that never left her body, with a small photograph of her parents inside and drifted away in the land of quiet sleep.

She didn’t notice that the moonlight was shining on the pale face which was still reflected in the mirror.

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2 Responses to Sneak peek of Beyond (Book two of Whispered Tales)

  1. heartywords says:

    Oh my god i am waiting for the book. I am heartywords, if you don’t recognize me.


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